Quarry Bay Company

Advisory and technical due diligence for Venture Capital funds and institutional investors.

What We Do

We conduct independent assessments of technology companies that are under your consideration.By performing thorough due diligence on the technology and the founders, you will be armed with expert advice and clarity on the viability of highly technical companies.

Our Work

One of our clients is a €100M venture fund and company builder dedicated to launching and scaling disruptive companies, products and services in HealthTech, InsurTech and Mobility.We performed technical due diligence on a Seed stage plug-and-play cyber risk mitigation company. This included a deep dive into their defensible intellectual property, their main competitors in the market and an assessment of the founder's level of technical competency.As a result, the client was provided with key insights into the company and they were able to make an investment decision based on our findings.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or want to talk about working together, please send us a message via email.